Kudruküla 13-1

Narva-Jõesuu 29022

Ida-Virumaa, Estonia


27 September, 2002

Karja 18V-17

Narva-Jõesuu 29021

Ida-Virumaa, Estonia

Dear Max,

Thank you for the letter that you have written to me last week. It was the best of you. There you have uncovered a subject about advertising, and have said that it makes you furious, when you see it. I can only disagree with you. You’ve asked me to express my opinion in general on the topic of it. Of course I decided to write some lines to my friend.

I want to refute your suggestion with reference to believe that advertising is needed nowadays. Don’t you know that economists tend to argue that if we don’t have advertising there wouldn’t be such a wide choice of things to buy? I know that for the moment this is a global problem that many papers and TV-providers are over and over again criticized by public because of advertisements. However, I can’t be in agreement with these people. Advertising helps people easily to find the right product from the thousands of them, which obeys to their necessities. You may see what you need along with buying in newspapers and magazines, posters and small ads or in commercials on TV, even being at home, than hourly go shopping and to return home without anything plus wasting your expensive time. Advertisements are made for the most comfort and simplicity of the people. I don’t think like you Max that advertising makes things more expensive, to the contrary money are spending on improving quality and making things cheaper. This is a dreadful mistake calling ads, as rubbish in our life. You must not think of misleading of the ads, but to trust and belief it in real. I think sometime it’ll be so and this will be the best and the finest times, which one ever were.

That is all I think. From my viewpoint my letter will not be so boring as I suppose. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Sergey Golubev

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