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Проблемы молодости /english/

The problems of youth

There are many young people in our country. Each of them has his own view point on his life and his future. There are many problems which are common for all young people. For Example: how to spend their free time, what to do after school, choosing a profession, how to deal with girl and boy-friends and so on.

The problem №1 of most of the young people is the problem of fathers and sons. All young people want to be independent, they want their parents to listen to their opinion, not to interfere in their private life. Some parents neglect their children, because they can't find a common language with them.

Many problems were hushed up, but now we can speak openly about them. I think that the most difficult and serious problem of modern teen-agers is drug-habit. Some young men use drugs, because they think that they will be cool guys. But they don't understand, that it's wrong. Some of them can't stop that, and they become dependent on drugs. There are also many other problems: alcoholism, smoking and so on. There are many youth organisations in our country, which unite young men on moral qualities. For example "The Russian Youth Council" produces guidance for young people on a wide range of important issues. There are also such organizations as Boy scouts, Young farmer's clubs and Russian Red Cross society. There are also some informal organisations, for example: skinheads, hippies, panks and so on. Now there exists the problem of misunderstanding between different youth groups.

We can also face the problem how to spend our free time. We can do it in different ways. Some of teen-agers spend their free time in different night clubs. Other young people spend their free time in the streets. As for me, I spend my free time at home. I also have some problems with my parents. But every time when I have them I try to solve them without quarrel. Well, I am a family-girl and I don't really spend much time with my friends. And I don't have much friends actually. I find it more interesting being all alone or with my family or with my boyfriend. And he fully shares my interests. But in my friends I value frankness, honesty, kindness and intelligence.

As young people grow up they may also need help on finding a job, a place to live; overcoming loneliness following a move away from the parental home and etc. What can help solve these problems? First of all it is information. I would like to emphasize three essential factors: firstly, young people must be fully involved in the information process; secondly, the objective of the information must be to encourage self-reliance and thus to help with the difficult transition to adulthood; and thirdly, information must not be static.

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